Get all your friends together
and go where you want
in style.


Our Leisure bus suitsEveryone

Young And Old - Private Or Business People

Whether it is for your seasonal outing or for corporate get together, Sampie is the bus for you.

Being a double Decker the bus can hold a number of people with a few seats left over for all those things that will make your outing go with a bang!

3 hours scenic tour of Hartbeespoortdam

Take a drive on one of Hartbeespoortdam’s designated cultural, scenic, historical and recreational byways...

Brewery & Distillery Tours

If you’re a beer buff, explore behind-the-scenes on our Brews Tour.

Weddings, Bachelorettes & Showers

On your special day, trust is of the utmost importance. Trust Sampie to be on time, courteous and never a hassle.

Birthday Tours

Whether it’s your 18th, 21st, 40th or 50th or any age in between, The Party Bus is the ideal way to celebrate being another year older!

A Night on the Town to Never Forget

Seeing iconic Harties landmarks while dancing the night away with your friends, peers or loved ones is hard to beat. Also 100% safe!

Food Tours

Hartbeespoortdam's bustling food scene is unrivaled. With a cosmopolitan mix of every culture around the world, it takes a true foodie to know where to go.